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• Digital All-In-One Roleplaying Game

• Intense Gameplay Everywhere

• Become a Hero within 10 Minutes


Intense gameplay anywhere

Yora is a digital "All-In-One Roleplaying Game": A group-based game that creates your personal adventure. As heroes it’s up to you how your stories evolve.

All you need for playing you already carry with you: From now on books, notes and dice are brought to your digital devices.

Participants wanted

Are you brave enough to save the mayor’s daughter’s life? Epic challenges are waiting for you!

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You want to support the development of Yora? Your feedback is highly appreciated. No matter whether you are missing features or it’s about design or the story: Tell us what’s bothering you or what you are wishing for. This will be the beginning of an exciting journey!

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“Yora combines all the awesome things about role-playing games with the capabilities of a digital world.”

Simon Krätschmer

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