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Yora Hero Screen
Yora Hero Dwarf

Classic role-playing game experience using advantages of our digital world

  • Connected mobile devices

    Experience adventures together with your friends.

  • Interactive maps

    Use individual adventure maps to keep track of your progress.

  • Roll the dice

    Find out what your hero achieves with various checks for attributes, skills or combat.

  • Individual hero creation

    Forge your personal hero you want to embody including attributes, skills, attacks, weapons, armor and more.

  • Adventures for every taste

    Play your favorite adventure from multiple universes and genres like fantasy, mystery or sci-fi.

Yora Hero Human

Digital ease for intense role-play experiences

We know that role-playing games can be very time consuming. That's why we are creating Yora Adventures.

No more long rules, extensive calculations and hours of preparation. Your mobile device will handle everything time consuming for you to ensure that you get the best possible role-playing experience.

Yora let you start playing epic adventures really easy within various universes for every taste. Explore evocative stories without distraction or wasting time.

Group up with your friends, fight together, share items and explore a unique gameplay within fantastic worlds.

Yora Universes Screen
Interactive Maps
Yora Map Screen
Roll the Dice
Yora Dice Screen
Create your Hero
Yora Race Screen
Customize your Hero
Yora Skills Screen
Track your Quests
Yora Questlog Screen

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Simon Krätschmer

Simon Krätschmer

“Yora combines all the awesome things about role-playing games with the capabilities of a digital world.”

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