FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: What exactly is Yora?

A: Yora is a game in which you experience your own adventures with your friends. Each one of you dives into different roles. Together you tell your own story. Role-playing games are often very time-consuming. We are developing Yora to make this intense gaming experience easy for everyone.

Q: When will Yora be available for download?

A: Yora will be released in spring 2019. An exact release date will follow!

Q: On which devices will Yora be available?

A: At first, we will release Yora for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Q: In which languages ​​will Yora be available?

A: At release, Yora in English and German. Other languages will follow asap!

Q: How many players do I need to play Yora?

A: You need at least one other player. It gets really entertaining if you have three or four players with you.

Q: How much time do we need to get started?

A: Yora is designed to get you started with your friends within 10 minutes. However, if you want to take a few minutes to read through the adventure as a game master, of course that's okay!

Q: Can I also play Yora if I do not have any role-playing experience?

A: It is our desire to bring people like you to this great hobby. We try to prepare you as good as possible for your first game. If you have difficulties in some places, do not hesitate to write us a message to: hello@yora-adventures.com. Thanks for your support!

Q: Is Yora for free?

A: Yora will be free-to-play. It is important to us that you can spend an exciting evening with your friends without investing a lot of money.

Q: Can I expand Yora with digital goods in the future?

A: In order to offer you cool features that will make your game even more individual, we will integrate a shop into the game with the upcoming updates.

Q: Can I use Yora with my own setting?

A: Yora uses an independent set of rules that is constantly being developed. That way, we can make sure that the features work well with the capabilities of your digital devices. If you have ideas on how we can improve the rules, feel free to send them to hello@yora-adventures.com. We are looking forward to your suggestions.

Q: Are there any other adventures and genres planned?

A: Absolutely! Yora is a portal to a world full of adventures. In the future completely different universes will gather here, whether Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Apocalypse, Mystery, Western, History, Crime, and so on.

Q: Can I also integrate my own adventures into Yora?

A: In the first release version of Yora, this won't be possible. In coming updates, you'll definitely have the opportunity to integrate your own stories and worlds into Yora. Who knows, maybe this will also create a platform where you can share your works with other users...

Q: I'm missing a certain function, how can I tell the team?

A: If you miss something that could make Yora better for you, please write us a message with your wishes to hello@yora-adventures.com. We are very happy about your feedback!

Q: How can I get updates on the development of Yora?

A: If you want to know where the journey with Yora is going, register for the Yora newsletter! Also follow us on our Facebook channel: fb.me/yoraadventures. And talk to us and other players in the Yora-Reddit forum: reddit.com/r/yoraadventures. We will be happy to see you there!

Q: Can I participate in the development?

A: That's what we wish for! We want to know from you how Yora should evolve. Your feedback will definitely be read and maybe your ideas will be integrated in the next version of Yora. Stay up to date and sign up for the newsletter so you can always get the latest information.